Didi West is a bilingual singer known for her diverse repertoire spanning Classic Rock, Pop, Latin, and more. Whether it's a corporate event, wedding, or themed party, Didi delivers an unforgettable performance tailored to your needs (in english or spanish). Choose from options including full band, acoustic duo, or soloist. Beyond music, Didi offers public speaking, podcast appearances, and true crime storytelling. Book Didi for an electrifying experience at your next event.


Elevate your event with the Didi West Band. Options starting with a 4-piece ensemble, featuring guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. We offer a vibrant selection of upbeat hits to keep you dancing for hours. Book now for an unforgettable musical experience.


Experience the magic of Didi West and Chilean multi-instrumentalist Cristobal Silva in our acoustic duo performances. Our duo offers versatility, delivering both heartfelt, romantic shows and upbeat, fun performances. Didi and Cristobal bring a unique blend of talent and charm to every performance.

Didi West: Singer, Author, & Podcaster.


Renowned for her captivating vocals, Didi has performed at corporate events, private parties, community gatherings, and more. From stirring anthems to soulful ballads, Didi's solo performances are sure to leave a lasting impression. Rest assured, she can provide all necessary equipment, including a PA speaker, ensuring a seamless and professional performance every time.


Invite Didi West for public appearances that go beyond the stage. Alongside her captivating performances, Didi is the author of "Broken Limelight: Shocking True Crime Stories About Celebrities" and the host/creator of the true crime podcast "Broken Limelight," delving into the dark underbelly of Hollywood and elite circles. From participating in interviews to hosting book signing events, Didi brings a unique perspective to every occasion. Engage your audience with true crime stories, capture memories with photo opportunities, and let Didi West add intrigue and depth to your event.

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