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Born in Costa Rica, Didi West is a bilingual singer & actress in Las Vegas, NV, known for her work in concerts and musicals along the Las Vegas Strip and for hosting the celebrity true-crime podcast Broken Limelight.

Didi studied Theatre and Vocalization at the College of Southern Nevada. In addition to her studies, she also received coaching in extreme and harsh vocal techniques/screams from Mary Zimmer of VoiceHacks by Mary Z

Didi has been performing since the young age of 13.  As well as acting, she has her fair share of experience in directing plays in local community theater projects, like the Las Vegas Fringe Festival.

A few of Didi's performance credits include ensemble roles in the Rocky Horror Live Show at the LV House of Blues, Jesus Christ Superstar at the Tropicana Theater, American Idiot at Vinyl, and Hair: The Rock Musical at the Hard Rock Casino.

In 2017, Didi and her mother, writer Xinia Estrada, opened the Luces de Bohemia Theater in downtown Las Vegas.  This created a bohemian atmosphere where Latino performers and audiences had a venue to call home for the first time.
Didi and Xinia collaborated with artists, poets, actors, and musicians to host a variety of events.  Didi also directed a bilingual short play called La Llorona Llora, in which her young daughter, Layla, also performed.

Since 2017, Didi has worked as a solo singer (in English & Spanish) and collaborated with numerous local bands as lead vocalist. She is currently the lead singer for her self-titled band.

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The shimmering, bright lights of Hollywood are appealing to many. But when that spotlight fades, our shining stars are often left in the darkness with rich, powerful predators. Broken Limelight explores the backgrounds of some of the world’s favorite celebrities and exposes the darkest secrets in entertainment history. From Marilyn Monroe and Brittany Murphy to John Lennon and Selena, the details of these true and untold stories will shock you to your core.

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